Wednesday, March 19, 2014

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

Bill Donahue calls for boycott of Guiness, Heineken and Sam Adams who pulled sponsorship after those who prefer same-sex sex were barred from using St. Patrick to promote sodomy, per Pete at Et Cum Spiritu Tuo.

Never fear, though. Now is a perfect time to try Korbinian Dopplebock! It is a fine lager with a rich, malty, sweet taste and high alcohol content. It is brewed in Freising, Bavaria, home of St. Corbinian, and, today, dozens of often whimsical representations of you-know-who.

Schnuck's and Whole Foods carry it.

UPDATE: Today's reading of the Rule of St. Benedict happens to deal with the amount of wine to be allotted each monk per day. It is half a bottle. He would prefer they abstain entirely, "but since the monks of our day cannot be convinced of this, let us at least agree to drink moderately, and not to excess." This is classic Benedictine realism.

Ah, the good stuff. The Bear is proud to be used
to market such a fine product.

Go ask Alice...

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