Friday, March 14, 2014

Best Blog Name of the Month

"Lamentably Sane." Great name for real Catholic nerds. The Bear just mentioned St. Pope Pius X's decree against Modernism, Lamentabili Sane, a couple of articles back. I'll keep an eye on it for awhile to see if it is worthy of the time of both the Bear's readers. (Not including padding my own page views by hitting the refresh button over and over like a monkey getting juice boxes in a psych experiment.)


  1. I knew I'd eventually have to look up the meaning of "Lamentabili Sane". lol. (Don't tell me - I need an alternative to Lumosity. com :-D)

  2. Ah, sorry. Latin is the battle-language of House Bear (Dune reference). Although I'm sure you know this, Jane, others may not: papal
    encyclicals and the like are called after their first two or three words. So Pascendi Dominici Gregis, St. Pope Pius X's encyclical that followed Lamentabili Sane means "feeding the Lord's flock." Lamentabili Sane has the doleful meaning "truly lamentable." Pascendi is worth a read, and LS, too, for that matter. There is a longer and more interesting (and famous) Syllabus of Errors from Pope Pius IX. I will do something on that soon. In the meantime, you can be thinking about what happens if one pope teaches one thing and another teaches the opposite. And SCB IS the alternative to Luminosity!

  3. He sure is -- I get bonus info :-) Much obliged!

  4. Yefh, but I forgot to link to it. I'll fix that.


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