Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cardinals Give Kasper Marriage Speech Thumbs Down?

Rorate Caeli has good news on Cardinal Kasper's attack on marriage. We knew that the German demand to liberalize Church rules on divorce have recently taken fire from some big guns. Cardinal Caffarra of Bologna and Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, have both issued public smackdowns. They have pointed out that you cannot change Church practices with regard to divorce and remarriage without changing doctrine that came out of the mouth of Our Blessed Lord Himself.

As a matter of theology, If marriage #2 is okay, what has become of marriage #1? Without an annulment (a separate issue altogether) you essentially have bigamy. There would be no firm foundation for any Church doctrine on sexuality. Once the doctrine is compromised, any principled objections to cohabitation and same-sex marriage go out the window.

According to an article in La Stampa, however, 85% of the cardinals present for Cardinal Kasper's little rebellion disagreed with the German. Apparently Cardinal Kasper has been riding this hobbyhorse since the 70s. He appears to reflect the opinion of most in what remains of the Church in Germany. But, if La Stampa is right, marriage appears safe.

The Bear still worries about the surveys of Catholics that support Cardinal Kasper's position, however. There is still the opportunity for mischief come October even without a vote to end 2000 years of often agonizing and sometimes deadly moral witness on the sanctity of marriage. One thing we are learning is that the Church is doing a bad job of preparing people for marriage and broadcasting her teachings on the subject. No surprise there.

Perhaps Pope Francis' description of Cardinal Kasper's speech as "beautiful" was a bit of diplomatic magnanimity because everyone knows Kasper is beating a dead horse.

A nicely tenderized, plump German haflinger, perhaps. Oh come on, like you've never eaten a horse.

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