Saturday, March 22, 2014

Eponymous Flower On Nigeria

Good interview reported at Eponymous Flower from Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama, President of the Nigerian Bishops' Council.
The archbishop also criticized the one-sidedness of the West, "though always with you when it comes to the so-called gay rights in Nigeria" you run, but to the ongoing terror attacks by the Islamic militia Boko Haram you only stammer. "Constantly new violence, burned and mutilated bodies, women and children who are killed in a terrible rhythm: this is the emergency afflicting our country," but nothing from Europe on this. But for  "gay rights"  the EU, the European Parliament and other international institutions will mobilize.
The Bear just saw a video of Moslems murdering Christians captured in a hospital in Syria. The Islamic black flag, the lengthy harangue, the cowards' masks, the whole nine Islamic yards. Mercifully, they shot their victims in the head, rather than sawing their heads off with a knife. Perhaps there were too many. Fr. Z posted the video via Facebook and you can find it at this link. Obviously, use discretion.

The Bear will never know how intelligent Catholics can look at Islam and praise it as if it were somehow on a par with Catholicism. Atheists make no distinctions among religions, which at least makes sense for them. To a dumb Bear -- let's be honest here -- Mohammed seems like a false prophet who denied Christ and deluded an excitable people that have been kept in ignorance and a fever-pitch of hatred ever since. The Bear spent a year in Bahrain one month. (Never to be forgotten: the wailing call to prayer drowning out the words of consecration at Mass. The Bear was never so happy to hear church bells than when he got back home to Sicily.)

On the whole, Islam is not only wrong, but it's like a bad antidepressant. It just doesn't work very well, and carries significant side effects. Suddenly, it's ten years later and you're still living in the 8th century.

Lucky for us, here in America, we can afford to take the high road, because we're not going to get blown up at Mass, like Nigerian Catholics. So let's agree that Islam is wonderful. It's an Abrahamic religion just like ours! We worship the same God, well, if we deny Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, anyway. Nothing is further from violence than Islam, the most peaceful religion ever.

Now let's focus on the real problem in Nigeria. The lack of gay rights.


  1. And to think Lurch, er, I mean John F. Kerry, US Secretary of State is sending "experts" to Nigeria over the gay right issue. He claims to be of the Catholic faith, yet does nothing for Catholics or Christians there.

  2. Catholics are the chief oppressors of homosexuals. Kerry probably represents US policy that prefers Boko Haram and supports its terror campaign against the Church. And what is an expert on gay rights anyway? Surely the Antichrist is already here and has been in power some years!

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