Sunday, March 9, 2014

Great Moments In History With Cardinal Dolan and the Catholic Resistance

It seems Cardinal Dolan's career has been even longer than the Bear's. Here are some highlights.

There are reports from Corinth of a man living with his father's wife. Cardinal Dolan: "Good for him!"

Martin Luther is nailing his 95 theses to the church door. Cardinal Dolan: "Good for him!"

King Henry VIII wants a divorce. Cardinal Dolan: "Good for him!"

St. John Chrysostom famously said the floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. We are responsible for our own souls. As long as we have priests to administer the sacraments to us, we can cooperate with God's grace. We don't need Cardinal Dolan to tell us homosexuality is wrong. We already know that, whether anyone in the Church will say it or not. We should pity the people of the world, who no longer have the witness of the Roman Catholic Church.

To all appearances, it is being taken off the board. Curious, that, and as yet unnoticed. But that doesn't mean you and I are not still playing. I think we're all learning something. We may no longer be able to rely on things being the way they were before. We may have to think and act as partisans. Francs-tireur. Irregulars. The Catholic resistance. In fact, I think we've already begun.


  1. Are we resisting our our hierarchy too? I know we resist the culture and state already.

  2. Not resisting so much as getting used to the idea that where we have a right to expect support we may instead find elements that mislead and demoralize. We are going to have to take a greater role in assuring that ourselves and those dear to us know what the Church actually teaches, and will not be able to count on the clerics' support in the other areas you mention.

  3. I fully concur. i made some expression of hoping that my fellow PSR catechists were actuallly teaching material from the texts and was said, well, I don't examine your outlines, do i? (I had brought it up b/c he says not to stick to the reading line by line...kinda boring too detailed..)


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