Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's a Jesuit Thing. You Wouldn't Understand.

Top Jesuit Blathers, Bear's Catholic Geiger Counter Doesn't Click

Now Playing In Rome?
Fr. Adolfo Nicolas, head of the Jesuit Order, said this during a meeting in Rome: "Religion involves first of all a sensitivity to, an openness to, the dimensions of transcendence, of depth, of gratuity, of beauty that underlie our human experiences. But of course, this is a sensitivity that is threatened today by a purely economic or materialist mindset which deadens this sensitivity to deeper dimension of reality." Any non-Catholic guru could save said this junk.

He also said, "Blah, blah, blah..." (But he'd make a great special guest on Portlandia. When did Jesuits become the hipsters of the Catholic Church?)

And, of course, he said, "religion is first of all very much more like this musical sense than a rational system of teachings and explanations." That would be news to St. Thomas Aquinas. What is it with Jesuits and contempt for doctrine, anyway? Liturgy! Liturgy and music is what Jesuits are supposed to hate! Not doctrine!

So, casting aside doctrine and embracing an elitist, musical transcendence, he actually said that the Jesuits aim to create a "new kind of humanity that is musical, that retains this sensitivity to beauty, to goodness, to the suffering of others, to compassion."

Wow, way to give away the whole secret Jesuitical plot for the New Musical Non-Doctrinal Man. One remembers previous humanistic utopian fantasies for a new humanity. New Soviet Man, anyone?

New Soviet Musical Non-Doctrinal Man!

Musical Jesuits, embracing non-Christian traditions... NOW the Bear is starting to get it. "This papacy is a Jesuit thing. You wouldn't understand."

Source for Fr. Nicolas: National Catholic Reporter.


  1. I had always heard the saying that the "Jesuits are God's Marines". That odd comment sounds awful New Age to be coming from a Marine.

  2. The Jesuits haven't been soldiers in a long time. That odd-looking fellow in the bottom pictures is probably a better representative of the Jesuits than a Marine. Jesuits are the liberal intellectual shock troops for the most part.

  3. Jesuit... The original Teflon don.


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