Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Holy Medal of St. Smiley


The Eponymous Flower has an interesting piece on Gregor Hoff, who is Pope Francis' new advisor on Judaism. The takeaway points are:

  • (Even watered-down) Good Friday prayers are still problematical
  • Church has no mission to Jews (that would be news to the Apostles)

The Bear wrote a piece on why this matters, but even a dumb Bear is smart enough to know there are lines that just cannot be crossed. At least not for free. So he presents the Holy Medal of St. Smiley for your contemplation instead.

P.S. you can have the piece for $25. On second thought, the Bear's taking a big risk here, so we'd better make it $100 + NDA.


  1. 'Other issues facing the theologian and ecumenicist concerns, "Trinity and monotheism." '


    Oh, well. It's reassuring, at least, to know that Hoff is on the case, ever-vigilant to prevent our getting "lost in the nettles".

    What - me worry?

  2. I thought trinitarian theology was monotheistic. The Bear learns something new every day in the Franciscan Church.


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