Monday, March 3, 2014

Thoughts on My Blog List

Today highlighted the contrasting approaches of two blogs I read. The Bishop of Fort Worth suspended Masses in the Extraordinary Form at Fisher More College. That's all we know for sure now.

Fisher More is apparently a very conservative Catholic college. The daily availability of the Vetus Ordo Mass (Extraordinary Form, Traditional Latin Mass) may very well have been a recruitment point for serious young Catholic scholars. I am sure this is very disappointing for them, but there are unhealthy elements in any movement, and traddies are no exception. It is just as likely that the Bishop had cause for concern. It makes sense to get the full story before rushing to "press" with an "exclusive."

Rorate Caeli

Rorate Caeli, whose name may be translated as "The Sky Is Falling" from Latin, gives an interesting worldwide traditionalist perspective that you might enjoy if you are a traditonalist, or interested in what traditionalists think. Sometimes they come up with a headline. Sometimes they go off half-cocked. It remains to be seen which in this case.

Fr. Z

I had not added Fr. Zuhlsdorf's blog, because I figured everyone knew about it, and I've noticed every Catholic blogroll seems to have the same names. Besides, sometimes he comes across as the Bishop of Rome's own spin doctor. But in reporting on Rorate Caeli's bombshell, Fr. Z does what he does best: defuse bombs. He develops aspects the original purveyors of the "exclusive" story did not bother to look into. He is a promoter of the Traditional Latin Mass while remaining stalwartly with Rome. His blog is conservative and he asks people for ammunition.


Last but not least is "Et cum spiritu tuo," formerly "Southern Illinois Catholic." Frankly, I liked the old name better, because Pete does a good job covering stories in the Belleville diocese. But, I'm sure he had his reasons. If you come and get your Bear and bolt, you should slow down and visit Pete's blog.

Pete is literally an inspiration. I would not be blogging were it not for Pete's kindness, encouragement and example. Day in and day out, this busy person finds time to report interesting stories of a Catholic, cultural, and political nature. From time to time Pete brings his economic expertise to bear on issues, and recently "collaborated" on "Reading Francis Through Juan" via some very interesting posts to the Bear's combox.

Pete is no fan of our president. (That's an understatement.)

Notable Guest

I would also like to mention regular commentator Jane Chantel who graces the blog's combox with her witty and incisive posts. I strongly suspect that is not her real name, because there is a remarkable saint of that name, who had St. Francis de Sales as a spiritual director. Whoever she (or he; one never knows in the blogosphere) may be, Jane is the belle of belle-lettres of the Bear's combox.


  1. You are very kind. I pray that the Bear doesn't become a lost soul by reading my stuff. Please don't emphasize my views of You Know Who. I don't want a midnight knock on my door!

    Thank you. And Jane is quite a treasure.

  2. I am not worthy, dear friends. Thank you both for bringing light to my life!


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