Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today's 777 Update

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Remember when they found that oilslick off the coast of Viet Nam? And that floating door they had photographs of? Now they are looking for wreckage way down off the western coast of Australia on the basis of satellite data. Just how many planes went down in that quarter of the world, anyway?

This is true needle-in-a-haystack work without a flight plan to concentrate on. It is hard to imagine finding anything this way, but who knows?

Another lead is a two-minute phone call from a "mystery woman" to Captain Zaharie Ahmed Shah shortly before takeoff from an untraceable throw-away phone. The man who was earlier portrayed as a family man with three children now has a wife described as "estranged." He was also involved in Malaysian politics, on the side of the opposition.

This is like a picture slowly coming into focus. But you can bet we're eliminating as many potential havens as possible, ticking off airfields from a master list compiled by people a lot more knowledgeable than the Bear. The biggest worry is that a government somewhere is in on it. Plausible deniability is always a handy thing, no?

Meanwhile, the mystery of Amelia Earhart may be solved before Flight 370's disappearance. They have enhanced a photograph taken shortly after her disappearance of an object off the beach of a remote island. Researchers believe it may be the landing gear of the aviatrix's Electra.

Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra


  1. I'm glad the NSA listens in when I call Dominos for pizza. This ever vigilent agency isn't too good in stopping terrorism, but they'll know what I want on my pizza as a last meal after my show trial.

  2. Yes, TIGHAR's Earhart Project! I hadn't looked at their website in ages - last I knew, the ruggedness of the underwater terrain in the vicinity of the suspected landing gear had foiled the progress of their submersible. Very frustrating. It looks as though they're offering trips to Nikumatoro now, which undoubtedly is a way to raise funds for the ongoing project (which has to be expensive to keep going).

  3. Um, that's 'Nikumaroro'. Darn typos - you'd think this thing would autocorrect for that :-D. And I'll have mushrooms and red onion on my pizza.


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