Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Who Am I to Judge, Again

Who Am I to Judge? Redux

Oh dear. The Bear hopes Fr. Z doesn't read this and take his gold star away. But Pope Francis said WAITJ again in his March 17 homily.  And Fr. Z seems quite sure it should quiet the naysayers.

Actually, the homily was salutary. The context was clear and perfect for Lent. We shouldn't worry about the sins of other people, or judge them or gossip about them. To coin a phrase, good for him!

This is different from being asked a question about a specific, serious sin at the back of an airplane and responding with WAITJ when the context is not developed. That was at best confusing and at worst easily misinterpreted. (Which even Fr. Z admits "99.9% of the low-information types" did.)

The Bear doesn't know very many who are interested in the sex lives of other people. He doesn't sit in church with his gaydar cranked up so high people at the end of the pew get sunburns.

Recently, someone started repeating rumors involving a certain person and the Bear politely, but firmly, changed the subject. Being a mere sinful Bear with a seemingly insatiable appetite for horseflesh does at least keep his attention focused on his own damnable sins.

The Real Issue

What worries the Bear, and I'm sure his friends, is when those who have a duty to proclaim the truth fumble, fudge, and forget that duty. I don't condemn Frank if he prefers same-sex sex. I do condemn churchmen if what they say (or fail to say when they should speak) implies what Frank does isn't a sin.

What about other sins? Why is the Bear fixated on homosexuality? Assuming the premise, because other sins are still shameful. There are 1,000 adulterers for every person who prefers same-sex sex. But the Bear has yet to see a celebrity applauded at a press conference for "coming out" as a cheater. So whose perspective is skewed?

Also, homophilia (a celebration of, as distinct from the practice of, homosexuality) is a perfect cultural virus designed to kill off healthy institutions. A failure to celebrate what the Church considers a very serious sin is enough to brand it as a "hate group." (Recall the U.S. Army Reserve training on terrorism that compared the Church with the KKK and al Qaeda.) As homosexuality gains protected status under the law, civil and criminal sanctions will increasingly threaten Church institutions and even individual Catholics. A time is coming, and may already be here, when a complaint to Google, whose Blogger service hosts SCB and Et Cum Spiritu Tuo, and many other Catholic blogs, will be enough to have us shut down for "hate speech." Not by homosexuals, probably, but by anti-Catholics.

Now you can see why homosexuality is the Antichrist's weapon of choice in our time. Of course, it is a huge distraction, but that's the least of it. Homosexual priests abused adolescent boys and destroyed the Church's moral credibility. The creation of a "human right" of homosexuality undermines the Church's cultural standing, makes persecution easy, and jams the gospel message. Worst of all, it confirms individuals in a dreadful state, with no incentive to repent. God help us all.

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