Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Write the Pope!

Michael Voris, as the Bear has observed, brooks no smack talk about the Pope. The Bear confesses to not having paid much attention lately, but a glance at Church Militant TV's Facebook page today reveals a very polarized audience. Some of them feel he is leaving out an important element by not considering Pope Francis' contribution to the current insecurity among Catholics. Others are Papists, or at least Voris fans. It is sad to see people who should be making common cause tearing at each others' throats.

I know I've said it before, but I am tired of it all. The Pope has a bully pulpit. He could set every Bubble Catholic's mind to rest in 30 minutes if he wanted to. I reckon we'll know come the October Synod on the Family. Meanwhile, you might ask, "Why, out of all popes, does Francis arouse such strong concern? What is different about him?"

You might, but the Bear just can't get motivated for it. "Gut feeling" is shorthand for all the little things we've noticed over the past year. The process would be tedious and the result appear petty. That doesn't make the feeling go away, though.

Anyway, to channel the energy away from his Facebook page, he wants everyone to write the pope with their concerns. In Spanish or Italian. Here's the address, but a better idea might be to write a long letter in English, then file it away without sending it.

Pope Francis
Domus Sanctae Marthae
00120 Vatican City State

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