Monday, March 24, 2014

We Shall All Roar Like Bears

You might have noticed some Latin on the Bear's title. He thought it might increase his credibility with the rad trads.
et ego ad nihilum redactus sum, et nescivi:
ut jumentum factus sum apud te,
et ego semper tecum.
Psalm 72.22-23 (Vulgate)

It means, "and I was reduced to nothing, and knew not; as a beast was I made before You, and I am always with You." Appropriate for the serious meaning behind the fun I have as "the Bear."

In a similar vein, our treasure St. Teresa of Avila writes that we should put ourselves in the presence of God during prayer and be content to stand like "dolts," rather than actively seek spiritual experiences. (The Bear remains puzzled why the Holy Father would encourage us to drink from non-Christian wells, when we could never exhaust the pure waters of our own Catholic saints.)

Those who are bearly Catholic recognize they are nothing but horse-eating beasts that must be harnessed to faithfully carry the burdens God places on them.

If you're bearly Catholic, you recognize that God always knows where you are. You are always with Him. Sometimes He scratches you behind your ears, but mostly not. You must never feel you deserve it, because He has already made us bears, the most awesome among all animals.

Here is a secret: you, too, can be a Bear. The Bible says Bearness is for one and all. "Rugiemus quasi ursi omnes." Isaiah 59.11.

We shall all roar like bears.

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