Friday, April 4, 2014

¡A las barricadas!

Eponymous Flower has the latest on the unfortunate Argentine baby girl with too many mommies and no daddy at all, but nothing much has changed from the Bear's earlier stories. The big day has finally arrived! Wonder how much press it will get north of the equator?

Pope Francis' name keeps coming up, both for his firm policy of No Baby Left Unbaptized and "NO H8" comments. He has so far done nothing to distance himself. The Bear thinks this falls under the canon law of "you break it, you've bought it."

B16 Never Made Cover of The Advocate

You can at least sign an online petition here. It is addressed to the godmother (the devout Catholic and totally-non-publicity-seeking President of Argentina) as well as Argentine prelates. It's in Spanish, but that wouldn't stop you, would it?

Don't you think every baby girl deserves a daddy?

¡A las barricadas! 


  1. Wild and wacky stuff. Turns out Rorate's prognostications and sources were more impeccable than its detractors supposed.


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