Sunday, April 6, 2014

Announcement: It's Twins!

UPDATE: Deuce escapes, spends cold wet day with big goats
UPDATE: Deuce is nursing, no bottle necessary
UPDATE: video 1:38 -- incredibly peaceful with ├╝ber-cute tail-wagging newborn goats

UPDATE: twins are boys; "useless?" -- a metaphor for our times?
UPDATE: Deuce is on his feet, picture...
Breaking... Two New Kids at Zoar Farm 

Holly with her twin kids.

Or goats, as the case may be, which are nicer than sheep, despite the bad press. These are Dwarf Nigerian Goats, so the babies are really small and cuddly. (Boy, the Bear's really ruining his reputation.) The black one is struggling just a bit, so we're going to put him on a bottle. His mama Holly was a bottle baby; they get so spoiled. Look forward to proper adorable baby goat pictures! See the tender love story between Holly and Billy.

Holly was so big, we figured twins -- at least. We were just joking after Mass how she was turning into a round beach ball goat, with four useless stubby legs poking out.

Deo Gratias!

Deuce is on his feet.

Aw, mom!

Unusual marking. How about Domino, or Deuce?

Billy, the proud goat-father.


  1. Congrats! Thanks for the photos.

  2. They are just beautiful -- as are their mother and father. Does Billy keep his fur looking so gorgeous without any help from humans (or bears)?

  3. We're not so much into grooming Billy. He takes care of himself, with special attention to his beard for that extra-special scent. I shall leave the details to your imagination, but let's just say he looks better than he smells. WAITJ? He is one of our rescues and turned out beautifully, and made new goats for us!

    Holly is vigorously licking her little babies, and nudging their bottoms to get them to suck. Amazing how they know just what to do. So far we're not sure Deuce has nursed. I keep begging the Missus to bring Deuce in for a bottle. She's out checking on them now, 10:30 p.m. Both of them have white ears, and it really looks funny on Deuce since he's black.


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