Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Baptism of Baby Owned By Argentine Lesbians a Go, Pope's Policy Cited

Baby in custody of two Argentine women who like to have sex with one another will indeed get baptized in the Cordoba cathedral according to Vatican Insider. There seem to be conflicting reports on whether the women will receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Apparently, Argentina's president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner will be one of the godmothers.

Furthermore, named and unnamed sources lay the policy at the feet of Pope Francis, who struggled not to deprive any child of baptism, no matter what the situation of the parents when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

The Bear can't wait to see the press coverage.

Do you think his homily about "hypocrites" who are wrapped up in their "formalities" and say "That is not possible!" might have anything to do with this?

Look! That's not so bad, is it? In the Franciscan Church, anything's possible!

The Bear has thought a lot about this. They should not use the baby as a political football, but if they do, we shouldn't kick it. We must try not to fall into the their-side-our-side mentality where we think only about keeping score. If baptism meant anything to these women, beyond at best a sort of nostalgic kitsch, there would be no problem. But that is a lot to hope for.

The Church, if wise, could mitigate the scandal, but evidently this is not seen as a scandal at all, but a positive policy of openess and charity. Canon law ("formalities") be damned. Where have we seen disregard for the way things are done before? That is the very signature of the Franciscan Church. Because changing things to suit yourself is humble. So this must not be done in a corner, but proud and loud in the cathedral, with the president of Argentina.

Shhh! You slothful hypocrite! Your argument is invalid. It's a baby!

Via Fr. Z.


  1. Do we call it "having sex" when 2 men sodomize or 2 women get naked and...ugh. ?

    They're not having intercourse. They're not procreating.

    Yes, anything is possible with Francis.

    May God have mercy.

  2. [Cue Barry White music] Bears call it "making love." LOL -- Just consider it a merciful shorthand term. I don't like calling them "homosexuals" because people shouldn't be defined by their sins (even if that's how they see themselves) and it fixes them into some pathetic, immutable state like "Cubs Fan." The Bear believes there is hope for everyone. (For similar reasons, "same-sex sex pacts" is more accurate than "gay marriage.")

    I seem to remember a song from Evita... the papacy is the art of the possible.

  3. Man, I think this is one of the first conservative blogs I've actually enjoyed reading. I can't help myself...I like the bear(even if you did totally pick the worst picture of the Pope with the President).


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