Friday, April 25, 2014

Brickbat by Brickbat

The Canonizations. Sigh. Remember the good old days when we only had one Church-wide crisis of faith a week?

Of course, it is agitprop on behalf of Vatican II. Just as the Stations of the Trendy Causes at the Colosseum was agitprop, and Holy Thursday foot washing was agitprop, and the Border Fence Communion was agitprop.

Even Father Z is saying that, ever so delicately. We Bat Christians are making progress (brickbat by brickbat?).

Meanwhile, Pope Pius XII is not being canonized solely because he is unfairly disliked by some who fault him for not personally leading the Swiss Guard into Berlin in 1939 and preventing the Holocaust.

So it goes, in the words of Kurt Vonnegut.

Shine your little Catholic hearts out, in the words of the Bear.

Turn on your Bat Signal, in the words of Commissioner Gordon. (Maybe Venerable Pope Pius XII will see it. SANTO SUBITO!)


  1. I miss the days of one Church wide crisis a week. Must be showing my age. My "bubble" is getting very small..

  2. Nah, your Bubble just keeps growing as you cram more Church into it! But seeing a picture JP II with Jimmy Carter made me realize how long his pontificate was (and how old I am).

  3. Maybe it's Bat by Bat (as in Bat Catholics...I missed that one til I read it here from you.)

  4. Where do bats sleep? In caves. Where do bears sleep? Also in caves. Therefore bears are bats. Or at least we all "hang" out together, no?


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