Monday, April 7, 2014

Communion of the Saints

The other night I had a nightmare. I was looking for my daughter who had been -- in the dream -- missing for two weeks. Nobody else was concerned, which was the truly maddening part. It was so disturbing I woke up my wife and told her.

In the morning my wife found a text from my daughter that had come while she had been asleep. It said she had had an awful dream about me. She wanted to make sure I was okay.

Later we spoke, and were appropriately weirded out together. I told her she would always be my Principessa. She said that's the last thing I said in her dream. I often called her that when she was younger, but not lately. It was unusual.

I've never been terribly impressed by materialism. Too many odd things happen to us -- at least I assume they are not that unusual.

Some people call it ESP. We call it the Communion of the Saints. Why not? We are connected by a web of prayer, by bonds of love, and share the Body and Blood of the same Lord.

So next time you experience a "coincidence" with a fellow member of the Church Mi!itant, think of the very same connection with the Church Triumphant.

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