Thursday, April 10, 2014

Don't Look Now, But There's a Bear Sitting In the Pew

The Bear has a confession to make. Pewsitter likes him more than he likes Pewsitter.

The Bear used to start out his day checking out the latest Catholic stories on the conservative news aggregator. Then he realized that was the way to start out in a bad mood. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job collecting stories from all over the web that interest conservative Catholics. But it's pretty scary.

The Bear even blogged about it, and bragged how he didn't want people being angry after visiting SCB.

Fortunately, bears have no sense of irony. And, one could argue the situation has changed in the past year. It does seem harder to Shine Your Little Catholic Hearts Out™ these days. Every day seems to bring a new outrage from some quarter.

Now a second story has been picked up, about the Pope's comments to students about the poor being the heart of the gospel, and the brotherhood of man. I just re-read it, and I can't say I regret writing it, although the Bear was pretty growly at the time.

On the other hand, there is truth in advertising. This is the only Catholic blog written by a real Bear.

In truth, the Bear's pieces on Pope Francis have been all over the place. The Bear has stalked around his subject, as bears do, studying him from this angle and that. They have ranged from extremely positive (early on) to critical (lately).

But even lately, there have been some fairly positive ones. The Bear has written about being inspired by Pope Francis' invitation to break things and eat people. (Or was it make a mess and annoy people? Bears get mixed up like that.) Also, the Bear mused on "having your pope and beating him too" in "He's My Pope."

Always, the goal has been to know the mind of Jorge Bergoglio. This is not a sedevacantist blog. Nor is this a H8 Francis blog. It does run the occasional bearish "what was he thinking?" piece to further the conversation.

But except for the few Pewsitter redirects who will take the time to linger in the Bavarian Woods, get to know the other beloved woodland creatures, and see the whole conversation, the impression is entirely negative.

In a way, the Bear sympathizes with Pope Francis' communication problems. You never know what crazy thing you say is going to be flashed around the world absent context.

If the Bear was a pope, he'd probably be very, very careful about what he said. Since he's just a Bear, however, he'll go blundering about in his usual fashion, sometimes growling, sometimes riding a unicycle with a winsome grin. There will be goats and popesheresies and psychedelic bears.

So the Bear extends a warm Benedictine welcome to visitors, and invites them to stay awhile. There is more to SCB than growling at the Pope. After all, that's who St. Corbinian was on his way to visit when he, the Bear, and his unfortunate (but delicious) horse had their famous encounter.

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