Monday, April 14, 2014

From Acclaimed Liturgist David Lynch...

From Inland Empire to a church near you!
(But not near the Bear. They know better now.)

The Bear hopes none of the gentle woodland creatures of the Bavarian Woods participated in this charade! From Fr. Z.

I saw this movie! The Wicker Man!

Raccoon. Figures.

Jane might be onto something. (See comments.)

Balok. Bald puppets are still causing havoc in the 23rd century.


  1. OK, who was the wag that fashioned Father's mask to look eerily like John Corapi?! (OTOH, how did those in attendance even know if this WAS Father? I guess there are situations in which "don't ask, don't tell" is considered to be fine :-)

  2. Hilarious observation. Fr. Corapi may have had his problems, but somehow I don't think this would be one of them! Perhaps they were Martinists. They wear masks at their rites. Or, really any occult group might wear masks to channel the chosen spirit. (But The Bunny? Perhaps it was The Easter Bunny making an early appearance.)

    I do think we need to be able to see and recognize the celebrant in this day and age. There is no telling what mischief might be perpetrated when you can't even tell if he is a man or a woman. So much for "in persona Christi." Unless he/she were "channeling" Jesus.

  3. I for one welcome our new giant raccoon overlords.

  4. I've updated the piece to reflect Jane's insight. She gets the Cub Reporter of the Week award.

  5. My first thought was also John Corapi. Good job Jane.


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