Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mandatory Ecumenical Reconciliation Service

Our parish is having an ecumenical reconciliation service tonight. As usual there will be several Catholic priests to hear confessions after a prayer service that includes an examination of conscience.

This year's novelty is that Lutherans and Episcopalians are joining us with their ministers, including a "Mother" So-and-So. We will go to our priests on one side of the church and the heretics separated brothers and sisters will go to theirs. (At least the Bear hopes that's how it works.)

Catholics will receive absolution and everyone else will pretend to be reconciled with God by means other than those God established.

This sort of thing was no part of the Catholic Church in the past. In fact, it was condemned in no uncertain terms. Now the Church has changed her mind and worshipping with non-Catholics is not only permitted but mandatory. Yesterday's sin is today's celebration. That seems to be the program of the Lord of the World.

If we want to go to the one reconciliation service in our parish, we have no choice but to be distracted by the mocking ghosts of Martin Luther and Henry VIII.

The Marquis de Sade was a man very much ahead of his time. He was writing livres à lire avec la main gauche long before Fifty Shades of Grey. He was no less than the prophet of our age. He said that "morality is simply geography misconstrued."

Actually, it seems clear that both morality and dogma are merely the calendar misconstrued.

Bears do not understand. We are not smart, and this is surely for the best if the Church says so. Nonetheless, now we must go outside of our own parish to find a reconciliation service that is not in itself a near occasion of sin. Otherwise the Bear, who is very, very bad, might be saying "Oh dear," over something grisly involving jawbones.


  1. I find the "event" horrible. Can I call it an abomination as well? Are you sure it was "mandatory"? No one HAS to attend these things. One has to go to confession, however. There is private confession on Saturday. The parish should have risen up and not gone to it; rather flood the confession line on Saturday instead. "I confess that I didn't like your awful idea, Father. I am sorry for that and all of my sins..."

  2. It is only "mandatory" in the sense that is the only such service at the parish. If you want to attend this year -- which we always do -- you have no choice but to attend an ecumenical service. That's a no-go for us. Previous ecumenical events have always been specific ecumenical services at various sectarian establishments. Those who want to go (few) can frolic to their hearts' delight. This is the first time an ordinary parish service has been polluted in this manner. It is simply awful.

  3. I hope few Catholics attended. I hope Fr. got the message. Have you considered raising this to the bishop? I think we're advised to talk to Fr first, but often it's no use. I don't know whether there's a reliable person (lay or clergy) on liturgical matters with the diocese--in a diocesan position, I mean. There are many good priests. The rector of the Cathedral is a good man. I have discussed w/my mother discussing things with the official pastor at her cluster (!) parish before going to diocese/bishop.....

  4. That was discussed. However, my policy is to maintain good relations with Father because I want to continue to be useful, and he's not a bad priest other than his extraordinary enthusiasm for everything ecumenical. (Every single homily has some plug.) I suppose there is a Bearish personal loyalty, too. Anyway, I have reason to think the diocese tolerates it all. A female parishioner dressed up in an alb to read at one ecumenical service out of respect for the "faith tradition" of Piskies or Lutherans. The mischievous Bear wanted to demand equal treatment for his reading at Mass, but fears he might be taken seriously.

  5. I agree that probably liturgical irregularities are tolerated to a point. The bishop insisted that the liturgical norms for kneeling be followed. Can you imagine that! Following liturgical norms. Hooray! I think the bishop has to pick his battles with the defiant crowd. Yet, as a good priest friend told me, the bishop is a man of Vatican 2, so he actually is not the oppressor that the progressive clergy think. The bishop expects teh V2 law to be followed, but has no love for traditionalism. Finally, yes, it is good to maintain good relations with one pastor. Oh, the things I keep bottled up or vent about elsewhere! I do help as well in the areas where I can and am most interested. That is how we are called to be of service.

  6. Bubble Catholics do need to vent from time to time to keep the intrabubble pressure at safe levels. The Bear knows this.


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