Saturday, April 5, 2014

Reading Francis Through Francis

A Bear Manifesto

In light of Pope Week, and some new readers (welcome to the Bavarian woods!) the Bear thought he would illustrate his loyalty to the latest successor of Peter with this rare, humiliating film from one of his many captivities.

We may sometimes think the occupant might not be the best fit for the chair, but that doesn't mean the chair is empty. Friends don't let friends get lost in the fever swamps of sedevacantism. (The belief that no real pope has occupied the Chair of Peter since, according to most sedevacantists, Pius XII.)

It's hard to deny the Church has had serious problems starting with Pope John XXIII, but supposing the last six men to be recognized as pope were really antipopes seems a bit extreme. There are other, better explanations: Vatican II, the resurgence of unchecked Modernism, the zeitgeist, and -- who knows? -- maybe a real conspiracy or two. It nonetheless remains 9/11 Trutherism for Catholics. In these unique times, the Bear may be critical, perhaps too critical, but that should not be interpreted as sedevacantism.

The incredibly disturbing Chair of the Bear. Always vacant for some reason.

Nail your foot to the floor at your favorite pew and die there.

Pope Francis does have things to say to us. Things we may not want to hear, or even disagree with. But at least he stimulates us to think, and his message may have consequences he does not intend. Let me explain.

Are you offended at being called slothful? (And he's looking right at you.) Do something. Prove him wrong! Teach RCIA the right way. Be the salt and the fire in your cold, ugly Novus Ordo parish. All parishes are shining souls of glory on the inside, even if they have bad decorating and banal music on the outside.

Make friends with your priest and get him to rely on your nasty pre-V2 self. (A dozen fresh eggs a week works wonders, we found.) Go to parish council meetings and play politics. But don't be seen as a crackpot.

Volunteer to take Communion to the hospital. Volunteer for everythingThere are only a few people that do everything in a parish. This is a tremendous force multiplier. And they can't afford to turn you down.

Network discreetly. The Bear knows a parish that lost a wonderful ultra-conservative nun (who liked Taki'sMag) because of a lack of discretion. Blend in. "When in Rome..." should be your motto. Pick your battles. You are on a secret mission. Just like Philip and Elizabeth in The Americans (but without the naughty bits).

This last week has been revelatory.

Pope Francis wants us to "make a mess," to "annoy people," to take to the streets and bring Jesus to others. The Bear doesn't know about you, but he's looking at a shiny new double-O license to commit unrestrained Popery signed by Francis himself.

The Church has a thousand ways to say no. But Pope Francis says yes, and he is the Pope after all. Be ready to invoke The Francis Effect if challenged. Why should only misguided Catholics ride the Franciscan wave? Be bold! Roar! "Rugiemus quasi ursi omnes." Isaiah 59.11.

This message approved by Pope Francis.*

*In the same way "Who am I to judge?" means he approves of sodomy.

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