Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Syrian Christian Town Liberated

Al hamdu'llah!

We're constantly being told we worship the same God as Muslims as part of the Abrahamic triad of interchangeable Chrislemew religions. (Think Benelux, only religious.) Since the Bear is in an interreligious mood today, Deo gratias and thanks be to God shall be replaced by al hamdu'llah. He might even throw in an Allahu akbar for good measure.

The bad Assad Muslims supported by Putin's Russia have defeated the good al Qaeda Muslims supported by Obama's America. The bad Assad Muslims liberated the Christian town of Maloula from our good al Qaeda Muslims, making the Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch happy.

The Bear is not smart in geopolitics. The best he can figure out is the Christians are bad, too, since they are on the same side as Assad's bad Muslims (the Russians' guys) fighting against the good al Qaeda Muslims (our guys). Lucky for the Christians -- good or bad -- Putin is more effective than Obama. You may recall he neatly removed the chemical weapons justification for Obama's intervention.

This reminds the Bear of when we helped the good Muslims in the Balkans by bombing the-- er, snot out of the bad Serbian Christians. That wasn't Obama, though, but Clinton.

In the historical view, religion has never counted for much when it comes to realpolitik. Cardinal Richelieu allied with Protestants against the Catholic Hapsburgs. The enlightened powers England and France fought Russia in the Crimean War to protect Turkey's right to mistreat Christians.

The administration's policy has seemed less realpolitik than schoolgirl crush. Mohammed Morsi's so dreamy! Assad is a dork! Somewhere inside Obama there is the fevered frustration of the true believer -- maybe not in Islam, but in revolution. Or at least Tiger Beat.

Syria and Russia go way back to the old Soviet days. Syria gives Putin a reliable port for his rust bucket fleet. If he comes out of this looking like the reincarnation of Tsar Nicholas II, Protector of Christians, that suits him just fine. That is not why he's helping Assad, though.

Even so, the fact remains, Obama's Muslims were occupying the Christian town, where Aramaic is still spoken, and Putin's Muslims liberated it. So score one for the bad guys!

Al hamdu'llah! Just in time for Easter. Maybe Obama could ask our guys to give the Christians their bell back.

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