Saturday, April 19, 2014

Verbum Catholic Software New Website

Verbum now has a separate web page and store from Logos. Regular readers will know Verbum as the intellectual engine behind the Bear's apparent erudition. It is an amazing electronic library and research power tool for Catholic scholars. A large set of resources isn't cheap, but you can buy just the resources you are interested in, if you want.

A good start would be the Catechism of the Catholic Church package for $49.95. It includes not only the Catechism, but Vatican II documents, both the very traditional and beautiful Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition and Douay Rheims Bibles, Denzinger's Sources of Catholic Dogma, Council of Trent materials and more. It's all cross-referenced, searchable and made to be used together. The software platform is fantastic, and works great on the Bear's Nexus 7 tablet (Android). Of course, there are Windows and Mac versions; it will work on just about any device.

The Bear thinks this is a no-brainer for Catholics who want to take their study deeper than ever before. If you're thinking something like your Kindle library, only with Catholic books... no. The content is only part of the story. Verbum gets you into your content in many different ways that you have to see to believe. Not a day goes by that the Bear isn't sticking his nose into Verbum.


  1. There is a saying, the only thing better than owning a swimming pool is having a friend who has a swimming pool. Similarly, my need for powerful and scholarly research tools is lessened by having befriended a wise bear. I am most thankful for your blog.

  2. That made me laugh Terry. Let the poor old Bear do all the heavy lifting. Just like St. Corbinian did. The story of my life. Thank you and Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family!


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