Saturday, April 5, 2014

Welcome to the Church, Umma!

Congratulations on your baptism, little Umma! This is YOUR special day! You don't know it yet, but you picked an interesting time to come into this world. Your baptism has infused you with grace. Enjoy it. The Bear hopes you have a wonderful life in the loving, sure embrace of your mother, the Church. Many people have started out in less-than-ideal circumstances and have turned out just fine.

Your custodians wanted you baptized, but say they expect you to grow up and choose whatever you want to be. Actually, Umma, you're Catholic now. And that's the best thing to be! So today is a great day for you, and for us. Catholics see through the ordinary appearances of things into eternity.

Barring something totally unexpected, this story is now Umma's, and none of the Bear's business.

Source: Buenos Aires Herald


  1. amen. And may she show her custodians the Way.

  2. Hopefully she will grow up in relative obscurity. But I fear she won't. Welcome child.


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