Thursday, May 29, 2014

Caption Contest!

Well, perhaps contest isn't the right word, as it implies a prize.

How about this: the best caption, as judged by the Bear, will receive a free bar of Zoar Genuine Goat Milk Soap, if and when such become available. Void where prohibited by law, etc. etc.

The only rules are to relax, have fun, and trust in your complete anonymity.

In the "It Could Be Worse" category, members of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj's cult in India claim their leader -- who is evidently worth a bundle -- has been meditating since January, and is not dead, as his family claims.

Wow, imagine belonging to a religion where your leader didn't do or say anything.

The Bear heard that.


  1. Okay, RR -- I LOL'ed, but... some of the more sensitive woodland creatures might have taken offense, so I reluctantly hosed it down. Let's keep anatomy out of it. (It still counts as an entry though!)

    1. I apologize. It was my husband's caption and he did not mean for me to send it. How about: "He wants to know if you enjoyed your lox and bagel?"

    2. "The ham and cheese sandwich is a terrible idea. Please, tell him you'd love the lox and bagels!"

      Bagels are delicious in Israel. They brought them in by the dozens for the wardroom of the ship I was one.

  2. "Please adjust your dress before leaving"

  3. "OK, here's the deal....all your heterodox actions, bizarre ecclesial appointments, and inexplicable comments against the Deposit of your professed Faith are beginning to creep even us out."

    1. "See, we like to keep our options open, you know, just in case."

  4. The body language and Francis' eyes remind me so much of the photo of Andy Card telling W about the Twin Towers being hit....
    "Psst....Where's your crucifix, Your Holiness?"

  5. "Holy Father, of course the rabbi didn't take it. Are you sure you had it on when you came in?"

    (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)


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