Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Harvard Black Mass

Update: the Bear just realized Lilac the Goat looks a lot like Baphomet. The Bear likes goats, but he fails to see anything in them to worship. When people mess with the Dark Arts, they get more than they bargain for. Everybody believes sooner or later... or too late. God, what a wonderful and deadly freedom have You given us. -- The Bear

We have to have an Atheist-Satanist beat now. Lord come quickly (preferably before I finish this blog entry). Everyone is talking about this, so, the Bear supposes he has to, although he has something a bit less timely and more scholarly for his woodland friends.

Totally non-creepy-as-Hell-PR-stunt-FTW!

A group of atheist Satanists -- the same ones who commissioned the ridiculous statue of Baphomet in Oklahoma -- are sponsoring a well-advertised Black Mass at Harvard. They have weaseled around the issue of whether they will use a consecrated host. Let's do this bullet-fashion, shall we?

  • They are just schoolyard bullies picking on the gentle big guy who is unlikely to stalk them and kill them with knives or they would be burning a Koran.
  • A Black Mass by atheists, my, how droll; please, God, loose Satan just long enough to make them wet themselves.
  • And that's one stupid publicity stunt for New Atheists (".02% fewer village crackpots!"), one giant step toward The Abomination of Desolation.
  • They are poseurs unless they use a naked woman as an altar and sacrifice a baby on stage, but the Bear supposes that Satanic rituals haven't been same since the Second Satanic Conclave .
  • The Bear would just point out no Satanic Masses with consecrated Hosts have been held with 250 miles of him. Not since the 7th century.

If the Bear were an atheist, the last people he would want to be associated with are loons like these. Christians are hated by the world, but enough of this sort of thing will make people feel a little squirmy about picking on them.

While normally, the Bear would advocate some jawbone-rippin', or at least a Chrysostomian Sanctification of the Fist, the last thing we need is to go all Jihad on anyone. I hope some turn out for a peaceful rosary, right where the soon-to-be unemployed Queer Studies majors, old hippies and Twilight fans have to walk by.

Seriously, although they are now denying that they are actually going to use a consecrated host (why of course I believe them, Satanists wouldn't lie!) we will probably never know. We should all say an act of reparation to The Sacred Heart of Jesus, or other suitable prayer, in any event, and pray for the misguided souls of these last days.

You know, the Bear tried to keep on top of things during this blog's first iteration a couple of years ago, but doesn't remember feeling obligated to cover so much weird stuff. Have things really gotten worse in a year? The Bear used to write about Catholic gift shops and the like. Now he spends all of his time on trying to figure out what's up with the Pope, Satanists, etc.

The Bear wonders what his readers think about his trend. Should he be more cozy, or does the Catholic blogosphere need to hear us all roaring like bears? Please vote in the current poll.


  1. The Satanists hold Black Masses...not "Black Bible Study" or "Black Fellowships" or "Black Assemblies"...Black Masses, even the Satanists believe!

  2. Good to see you here in the Bavarian Woods, Long-Skirts. Hollywood is the same way. Whenever they want to show real Christianity, they always have Catholic trappings. I saw the movie Flight and the "weird Christian guy character and his intense wife" were clearly acting like Protestant PTL types, but they inexplicably had a crucifix on their wall. Funny how the worse the world becomes, the more everyone is compelled to talk about Jesus, one way or another.

  3. Do my eyes deceive me, or does Baphomet appear to be reciting the Boy Scout Pledge? And I totally resent the hijacking of the supremely gentle countenance of a goat for such an ignoble purpose.

    The little girl looks like she's saying "What the -- ?!" and the little boy looks like he's saying "Eew, I feel kinda sick." Baphomet's thoughts are probably something along the lines of "Who's going to take me seriously in this getup? I liked myself better as a Puppet of Doom."

  4. Cub Scouts, actually. Yes, it is rather silly, but the sponsor is not a real Satanist coven (yeah, I know I'm using terms rather loosely) but Atheists who enjoy getting Christians spun up. I think the whole goat hinge is suppose to come from the ancient Egyptian goat of Mendes, via the Frenchman's Eliphas Levi's Masonic outfit, but I'm operating from memory and don't care to Google it. As another demon said about war, (Trotsky) you may not be interested in Satan, but Satan is interested in you. I wa hoping for the French Lick, Indiana devil. Home of Pluto Water, a natural spring water with high level of lithium salts. (French Lick had the lowest incidence of mental illness in the country.) Is a statue of Satan installed in a Courthouse in Oklahoma the Abomination of Desolation? Probably not. Is it the first canary to fall of its perch in the coal mine? We're up to our knees in canaries, Jane.

  5. Indeed. Back in my days of sparring in the pre-blog online discussion forums, I often clashed with an ardent ELCA Lutheran radical feminist who enjoyed making fun of people who believe that Satan is real. Taking a subtle approach (lol), she would refer to him as "de debbil" when parodying their viewpoint. It was vital to her to think of Satan as a fantasy born of primitive minds, real only to semi-literate, superstition-addled ignoramuses.

    Is it so difficult for well-educated (in secular terms) people to believe that when someone like the morally ravaged and conflicted Charles Baudelaire could say "the devil's best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist", it might be well to think outside the little derisory box on this point?

  6. P.S. Not that a healthy sense of perspective can't be achieved, with sufficient fortitude. Who's the Saint who regularly had physical fights in her cell with the Devil, and infuriated him by laughing at him? (Could be I'm thinking of two different Saints, here...)

  7. So exactly what scientific discovery disproves the reality of Satan, anyway? Just how is it that people without technology, close to the earth, and saturated with common sense, whose life depends on their "sixth sense," who spend nights beneath the stars and days watching the horizon for threats, are worse judges of the supernatural than us moderns? Sorry, not buying it. Bears sense things. If there is no debbil cuz we can't see him, then why should we believe in angels, our own souls, God? Maybe it's line of work, but I find it very easy to belive... PLUS behaving as if he were real just works. Between the ever-changing DSM and devils, I'll take devils any day of the week.

    Who did your Lutheran interlocutor think Luther threw his ink pot at? Or did she think (as I do) that he was a sadly deranged monk who tried to be good in fits and starts, but couldn't, so invented a heresy so he could feel good about his miserable self?

    Many saints have had encounters with devils. Reminds me I was reading 2 Thessalonians, about the Man of Lawlessness who will work marvels at the end. I don't expect those will be fake miracles in our day. Perhaps another kind of marvel, but raising the dead or something would just blow up into a controversy, and the usual debunkers would be out in full force.

    The Cure of Ars was tormented. Possibly Teresa of Avila. Many of the desert fathers.


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