Saturday, May 17, 2014

Just Another Day in Zoar

Zoar, where men are men and goats are clothing.

Perhaps you have wondered about Zoar, the land that abuts the Woods, toward which you sometimes catch the Bear ambling before he disappears for weeks at a time.

Here is the Bear in his human form, along with his faithful driver, bodyguard, and factotum, Red Death. Just another misty day among the goats and crags of Zoar, where we carry livestock around and such.

IN OTHER NEWS, the Bear recently posted about divorce and remarriage being a "reverse Trojan Horse." If the meaning wasn't clear, besides the issues at hand, there is the Synod itself, which is a threat. Bishops should care for their own sees. It is bad enough that we have parasitic bodies like the USCCB sucking the money and life from the Church in America. We sure don't need bishops to organize in national voting blocks for routine synods.

If the Church needs instruction, that is in the Pope's job description. If we need a Council to deal with some great controversy, then fine (although after the last one, maybe not so fine). Synods may become the smiling face of heresy.


  1. Love the family portrait. Zoar is a place of peace. Are you ever tempted when your that close to one of the goats to grab a snack?

  2. No, the Bear does not eat the livestock, no matter what form he is in. Not, unless, perhaps, they are someday properly designated and prepared. We might have a milk herd, though, despite Holly (featured goat to the right) sabotaging things with male twins, Deuce and Bramble, who are doing quite well, by the way. St. Corbinian's Genuine Goat Milk Soap? Add that to the marketing list.


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