Friday, May 23, 2014

New Goat!

Update: New Picture of Ava being a bottle baby.

Her real name is Ava.

"I LOVE my new home."

This is Ava. We got her yesterday. (No, our goats don't live in the house.) She is Saanen Swiss and Nubian cross, which are both dairy goats. She may give up to nine pounds of milk a day.

She is completely in love with my son, and follows him wherever he goes, and bleats loudly if he gets out of sight. Ava's a very leggy girl. She's a bottle baby, and gets fed from an oversize baby bottle twice a day. She wags her tail vigorously at feeding time.


  1. Wowza -- NINE lbs. of milk a day?! I'm beyond impressed. Congratulations on another lovely new resident of the goats' earthly paradise :-)

  2. She's learned to yell like a human child crying for help. A lady walking past stopped and asked the shepherdess if that was a child she heard.

  3. Oh boy, sounds like you're in for some real fun. I cam envision a prominently-posted sign saying something like: IT'S NOT A CHILD IN DISTRESS - IT'S JUST AVA THE GOAT. :-D

  4. If you hear news of a Bear being investigated for keeping Children to Eat, you shall know why. The Bear has never eaten a child, although he once frightened a trespassing little blond quite badly.


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