Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Poll: Cuddly or Ferocious, or Both?

The Bear wants to tune a blog that is useful to his readers. You may remembered there w's a poll about the Bear's "voice," or persona.

Now there's a poll about whether you would like to see a more cuddly Bear with fewer topical pieces on controversial subjects, or a roaring, smiting Isaiah Bear who can tear 42 bad children on a single sortie.

When this blog first began, the Bear was keeping up with current events, but writing about Catholic gift shops and the like. Is it the Bear's imagination, or have things simply gotten crazier in the last year?

The temptation is to split the baby and vote both. And if you enjoy a mix, that's fine. It is never going to be just one or the other. It is probably more helpful for the Bear's purposes that, if you have a strong preference for one or the other, you tick that box.

There are millions of Catholic blogs covering the daily outrages. The Bear does not know what makes this blog a better source for that news than any other. There is only one real Bear, though.

Let the people speak.


  1. No cuddly please. You might as well join We Are Church or its cohorts.

  2. Aw... the Bear was so looking forward to giving everyone hugs.

  3. Please remain cuddly on occasion but ferocious when required ( which is more often in this time of crisis) This is one troubled little sheep who needs One Real Bear and his thoughtful ruminations. Thank you.

  4. Oh, please remain Bearish, because we lesser woodland folk are increasingly confused in these crazy times by creatures who seem to change shapes before our very eyes (like Popes, for example) and are increasingly wary of trusting even our instincts. What is so useful about your little contribution to the blogosphere is that Lawyer Bear credentials notwithstanding, you aren't trying to reason your way through the mess solely using convoluted arguments to square seemingly unsquarable circles, but bring common sense to the whole project by not claiming you have every answer. We moles-in-the-pews, with nothing particularly Bearish about our brains (unless the Bear in question resembles a certain Pooh), just want to know why suddenly one needs to be a theologian to spot the "real" Catholics from the "false" ones. We read things like this: and are tempted, oh-so-tempted, to agree Francis just *couldn't* be a true Pope, but then we wonder, how could it be that when and if we finally convince our Protestant neighbors down the street that Catholicism just might be the true faith, we have to at the same time tell them but the only way to really find the fullness of that faith is by traveling to some remote outpost of the forest where a few bedraggled creatures have gathered who claim that the visible King of the Forest is really only wearing a Lion's skin and isn't who he says he is? This mole is perplexed and alarmed, and just wants to find the nearest hole to burrow into until the whole thing passes and Lions are once again Lions and Bears are Bears and everybody knows their proper place.

  5. Lions and Bears, oh my! We need to have a Tyger in the forest. (I think that animal is still unclaimed.)

  6. The ferocious posts make me think; the cuddly ones make me smile. I enjoy both!

    Is a beaver still an available animal?

  7. Beaver is available :-) Beavers are industrious and dam up the flood of silliness, not that the Bear does not create his share of silliness).

  8. Isaiah Bear....oh please, Isaiah Bear!

    We're overflowin' with cuddly, linguini stuffed teddy bears...spineless by definition.

    Tho it would be nice to have more pictures of goats :):):)


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