Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Butt the Pope!

Pope Francis had some interesting Mother's Day comments before the recitation of the Angelus in St. Peter's Square. (Via Rorate Caeli.) Reminder: the definition of importune is, "to press or urge with troublesome persistence."
When the calf is hungry, he goes to the cow, to the mother, to get milk. The cow, however, does not immediately give it to him: it seems that she is keeping it for herself. And what does the calf do? He knocks against the cow’s udder with his head so that the milk comes out. It is a beautiful image! “So you too,” the saint says, “must be like this with the shepherds. Always knock at their door, at their heart, so that they give you the milk of doctrine, the milk of grace and the milk of leadership.” And I ask you, please, to importune the shepherds, to disturb them, all of us shepherds, so that we can give you the milk of grace, of doctrine and of leadership. Importune [us]! Think of that beautiful image of that calf, how he importunes the mother so that she gives him something to eat.
The Bear can tell you this is the way of goats, too. They butt mama's udder. It is not a gentle nudge. Say what you will about Pope Francis, but he does not act like some perfect, ethereal being floating in a realm beyond complaint. If his persona is equal to the man, he is engaging us. He can not only take it, he wants it.

Are you a hungry calf? A hungry kid? Then you have the right, the license to butt -- with all due respect -- your priest, your bishop, and even the bishop of Rome. After all, he was the one Jesus told, "Feed my sheep."

Blanquette says, "Fill 'er up! And with the GOOD stuff!"


  1. nice post Bear, but IMHO butting the pope won't make a whit of difference in his actions or thoughts. He's got an agenda. The past year has made that abundantly and increasingly clear. His defense and personal (and vocal) approval of Kaspar (the unfriendly heretic) and Maradiega (OY!)....who are both saying with impunity all that he can't come out and say himself...says it all. Do you really think he's not getting any polite and respectful 'butting' from the few good prelates left in the curia? He's already admitted as much and said he allows it "to go in one ear an out the other". He's been doubling down on the whole 'Holy Spirit's for change...BIG change' thing, softening up and prepping the flock for what's to come.

    No, I'm afraid that the Body of Christ is being scourged thru this man, and sad to say, I've stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt of good will. He's nearly 80 yrs. old, gone thru Jesuit training (be that what it may nowadays), been given the unspeakable grace of the Papacy...he's not a stupid man. He's doing exactly what he means to be doing. He is a tribulation and a punishment to us, and it will become undeniably clear this fall for anyone who hasn't deliberately blinded themselves. A choice will need to be made and it's going to be very very ugly and painful.

    I have been AMAZED by the number of people who are expressing the exact same experience I had previously thought I was alone in having when he first walked out on the loggia....it was as though ice water had been injected into my veins, and an inexplicable feeling of dread, fear, and revulsion swept through me. All I could say for a half-hour was, "this is bad...this is very bad"....and I had no rational idea why! I didn't want to feel that way; I had no known reason to feel that way; I felt uncomfortable with the feeling...I knew nothing about this man; but there it was, and I couldn't shake it. Well, now I know why. The past year has made it abundantly clear, and I've lost any state-of-denial I was in, in an effort to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    It's all there in plain sight to see for those who still have any spiritual vision left to see. He is a punishment for the Church....we have squandered God's grace, and He has allowed the people to have the shepherd they want; not the shepherd we need.

    We are in the Garden with Christ, and we better be prepared to sweat blood.

  2. You are probably right. But I do not want to have to explain why I did not act on the promptings of the Spirit, which I suspect may be at the root of our fears. We are facing challenges the Church has never faced before. And I know all about Arianism and other heresies. No heresy has gotten a stranglehold on the Church at the very moment the Church is most needed as a witness to the truth. The reason I posted this was to answer the nononononeneverevercriticizethepope crowd. We are not being malicious. We butt hard but fair. We are hungry and frightened.

  3. Amen to that my dear brother. Keep butting. :)

  4. How funny!....I just came across this from the always magnificent Mundabor. Sounds awfully familiar. Butt on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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