Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Peaceable Kingdom

How many goats can you find?

Sunday brunch at Zoar. Quite a dorsal stripe on Bramble, whose head is out of sight and buried in goat chow. Blanquette looks like she's not shy when it comes to vittles, either.

Looks like Blanquette has staked out a claim.

Blanquette begs to be picked up.

Jane the rooster in mid-crow -- don't ask.


  1. I trust that Herr Rooster's full name is Jane Chanticleer :-)

    My gosh, those goats are beautiful. And Blanquette is just beyond adorable, wanting to be picked up. Are most goats -- if treated tenderly -- so affectionate?

  2. Goats are sweet animals, at least the small ones. They are cute and cuddly, and have a lot of contact with people. Our Blanquette is special though. Not at all like her namesake M. Seguin's goat.

    "Jane" is a tribute to the difficulty of sexing chicks. (We'll see who the search engines drag in with that.)

  3. SO beautiful....MORE GOAT PICTURES!!!

    I 'specially like blanquette and the little black and white one.

    "Jane the rooster"....funny. This wouldn't involve hormone suppressing drugs would it? :)

  4. If I post any more goat pictures, I'll have to rename this blog St. Corbinian's Bear's Goats! But I'll keep posting them from time to time and run some on the sidebar. We are looking at getting a new milk goat. And the shepherdess was saying she thought our oldest goat Lily might be pregnant. And Billy looked so unpromising when he came to Zoar after being on the lam. Just skin and bones. Zoar is not just cute pictures, though; it is a Benedictine Oblate outpost where we try to live close to the good Earth and produce what we can for ourselves.


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