Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Trojan Synod

The soldiers of Modernism, proclaiming communion for divorced and remarried, mounted their wooden horse, named "Synod," while others pushed the giant wooden beast, crawling with cackling cardinals and bishops into the Holy City. "Heigh Ho, Synod!" cried Cardinal Kasper while the Pope looked on benignly.

The woodland creatures, watching from the Big Hill of the Forest, were dismayed as the prelates leaped off of the horse in their companies, followed by artists and chroniclers to record the coup.

"They're not going to change anything," said the Bear.

"But look, they've been preparing for months! They've gotten inside," cried the Badger.

The Bear just shrugged and ambled away to find something to eat.

Lo and behold, by the end of the Synod, nothing had changed.

"Hoorah!" shouted the Beaver. "You were right! Nothing has been changed! Everything is just as it was before."

The Bear rumphed deeply, and ambled away to find something to eat. That night, he returned to the Big Hill and stared down at the Holy City. There the moonlight revealed, abandoned and unnoticed, the horse. The Bear shook his head and ambled away on his solitary nightly patrol. For the kind woodland creatures were no match for their clever enemies.


  1. Oh, my dear forest friend....SOMETHING will change.

    They have indeed gotten inside.

  2. You know, it could be the Trojan synod....

    1. Are you saying what I think you're saying?

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Oh, cripes, did I spell it wrong? I meant Trojenz.

  3. We Beavers can be excitable! This particular beaver is not as wise as a serpent (nor as innocent as a dove), so I am definitely no match for our enemies. But there are still many good shepherds, especially the Chief Shepherd, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I still hope the horse will be destroyed, not merely abandoned.


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