Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bears All Roar at UN

"The United Nations is stepping up its attack on the Catholic Church's historic opposition to abortion, suggesting at a meeting Monday in Geneva that it amounts to “psychological torture” of women and should be repealed, a move Vatican officials refuse to consider." (Click links for more.)

Good for the UN.

Has the Bear gone mad? Perhaps come down with distemper, or even rabies?

No. The UN represents the temptation to be a player on the world political scene. There are probably certain advantages to cozying up to the UN. The Vatican has the oldest chancery in the world. Nonetheless, the further separated the Church is from the UN, the happier the Bear is.

One has only to read documents churned out by the Vatican to see how ideologically close elements within the Church are to the one-worlders at the UN and elsewhere. The Bear has little confidence that an encounter between the Vatican and UN would result in the UN being Christianized.

And to think, a tiny and despised Church once Christianized the Roman Empire. Maybe the Church isn't tiny and despised enough yet. Because, sorry to be blunt, but the current outfit couldn't convert Mr. Roger's neighborhood.

A little salutary smack-talk from the Lord of the World should remind everyone where our priorities lie, and who our friends are in the world. Clues: winning souls, nobody.

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