Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fr. Pizzaballa, the Three Amigos of GAR and What the Parrot Saw

It was nice to go to Mass today in my ordinary Novus Ordo parish and forget about the Festival of the Three Amigos of GAR* held in the Vatican.

Many people wore red, one occasion when my son and I could dress in identical red polo shirts without him dying of embarrassment at the very idea. (My crucifix peeked out from the placket according to my earlier resolution to display it because some people don't always.) An elderly, but spry former dance instructor and a young lady tastefully and gently wafted red banners over the congregation in an evocation of the descent of the Holy Spirit. The homily was about "going beyond your comfort zone" in service to the Church, which the Bear thought was appropriate for Pentecost.

There was not a peep about ecumenism or interfaith dialog. From now on the Bear will simply call that combo what it is: indifferentism.

No, this is clearly not a TLM, but as Novus Ordo masses go, the Bear can't complain. 

But getting to say "Fr. Pizzaballa" almost makes the Bear forget about it in the warm glow of Pentecost.

the co-equal "Great Abrahamic Religions" of Judaism, and its two offshoots, Christianity and Islam


  1. I watched the whole thing. While I share some of your misgivings, I always try to see why the Pope, possibly with the influence of the Holy Ghost, would do this. First, nobody should harbor the delusion that the Pope could have used this opportunity to evangelize. These texts always have to be cleared beforehand and Peres and Abbas would simply not have come if they thought they were going to be preached to.

    So why do it at all? First, I think you're right, this pope wants to expand the prestige and moral authority of the papacy. More importantly, with the persecution faced by Christians in muslim countries, Islam BADLY needs their own version of Vatican II. Maybe he is hoping his moral influence will nudge the muslims in that direction. Finally, he probably feels a duty to the Christians living in the occupied territories and truly wants to help bring about a just solution in the very lands were Our Lord and His Blessed Mother lived.

    1. Good thoughts. Islam can't have V2, however, because it does not have any central authority, besides being fractured in a way similar to Christianity. The Islamosphere's problems come from Islam itself, which is unreformable. From my perspective, the religion itself is fundamentally flawed, being demonic in origin. Nothing good can come from it. Muslims see nothing but failure and must blame everyone but themselves. The moral authority of the Church could be exercised without having prayers such as these. But I will admit that it isn't the end of the world, and it was not Pope Francis' "Assisi Moment."

  2. ok...I know I'm not the sharpest badger in the woods, but I'm just totally lost on the parrot. (?)

  3. "Yvonne, Renée and Loretta in What the Parrot Saw" is the title of a film from Tabasco Co. that is received by Henry in a MASH episode. It just seemed fitting as a silly title for a group of participants in a vaguely disreputable encounter. In 1935 the Bear saw Widgey Newman's actual short British film -- What the Parrot Saw -- in a theater in London and has never forgotten the name.

  4. ohhhhh, thanks. Never would have known it.


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