Thursday, June 12, 2014

Goat Milking Stand

Hey, we got new goat playground equipment! -- Blanquette

No, Blanquette, you haven't quite got it figured out, and you're too little to be milked, anyway. This is for Holly. She stands on the platform and puts her head between the boards, which she is happy to do because she gets a pan of food. Zoar is one step closer to manufacturing soap. We have molds (Faith, Hope, Love), and are waiting on a custom Bear mold from Korea. So far we have one scent: zesty citrus. The Bear is sure we will come up with some calming lavender, and maybe some nice strawberry.

Now we need a logo. Rictus Bear, maybe? Maybe not.


  1. Oh, I hope you'll test a batch that combines spearmint & eucalyptus. I don't know which is more awesome: the scent of spearmint & eucalyptus, or the taste of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. Sigh.

    (But no chocolate chip cookie dough soap, please :-D Even if Rictus Bear thinks it has possibilities.)

    1. I remember the first thing that greeted us when we arrived at NAS 1 in Sigonella, Sicily, were lines of eucalyptus trees making the air heavy with their scent.

    2. Two ideas shot down by the Shepherdess already. Manly soap with tiny flakes of vanilla-scented tobacco ("Ew, tobacco's poison") and a Papal Insult line, like "Neopelagian Peach," etc. Honey soap is a go, though. The Bear supposes you can eat it while you bathe.

      Billy has the day off from his arduous duties as herd sire, and is staked out along the scrub just outside his fence. He loves browsing it, and goats are nature's weed whackers, too!

  2. oh man!...I would SO buy tons of vanilla scented tobacco!!!

    And the flakes could be marketed as might wanna tell the shepherdess to rethink this :)


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