Saturday, June 28, 2014

Scripture Typer

If anyone is really, I mean really into the Bible, you might want to memorize scripture. The Bear stumbled onto a cool little app with the lame, but accurate name of "Scripture Typer."

You choose the verse you want to memorize, the translation (sorry, no Catholic translations, so you'll have to memorize your Ben Sira by typing verses in yourself) and import it into one or more custom collections (e.g. Verses to Remember When Somebody's About to Shoot Me).

Now comes the "typer" part. In the app, you just type the first letter of each word. At first, the whole verse is displayed, so it is no trick to type the first letter of each word of the displayed verse. For MEMORIZATION, you get about half the words displayed, so your brain gets more of a workout. Once you're confident, you move to MASTERY: a blank field on which to prove your mastery by typing the first letter of each word, then the Book, Chapter and Verse.

You can even record yourself reading each verse for playback, so you have another method of memorization.

The whole thing is an effective tool for memorizing scripture, and receives the Bear's recommendation. The app was about five bucks for his Nexus 7.

Why memorize scripture? Back in the day monks memorized the all 150 Psalms and other scripture. The Rule of St. Benedict calls for monks to recite readings by heart. It is a good Catholic tradition that our betters thought worthwhile, and we should help revive it. If nothing else it allows one to appear sage by quoting scripture throughout your day. Imagine being out with your friends and chuckling softly as you shake your head and say, "In vain is a net spread in sight of any bird." Will they be impressed? Yes! Will they have any idea what you're saying? No!

In blog news, you might have noticed a slowdown in posting. The Bear has of late lacked the outrage that fuels heavy blogging. He shall have to visit Pewsitter for a few days to get back into a red-meat mood.

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