Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Bear's Trash Can

Bedtime, kids. Rictus Bear is waiting.
The Bear has written a couple of new articles for the blog, but he has exercised the good judgment not to publish them. Too much Bear is rarely a good thing.

One was a discussion of Islam. It was very polemical. It really isn't necessary, though. If you are sentient, you already know. Let's just say it's unfortunate that the Church treats Islam as an equal, one of the Three Holy Amigos-- the Great Abrahamic Religions (GAR) of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Can anyone tell me why interfaith is a good thing? It makes the participants feel good about themselves, and is seen as "positive." The New Evangelization is new, alright. It means not trying to bring anyone to the true faith. Instead, it takes a back seat to interfaith / ecumenism. That is very bad because:

  • it causes scandal to faithful Catholics
  • it confirms non-Catholics in their error
  • it is an anti-witness to truth, that is, it bears false witness about God
  • it tells Jesus, "you're not as special as we used to think"
  • it pokes all martyrs in the eye
  • it makes Satan smile

Writing just isn't happening for the Bear today. At least not writing he wants anybody to read. But he did make a picture. It isn't very nice. Sweet dreams.

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