Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bear Writes Hymns

It's one thing to complain, but it's quite another to step up with solutions. In that can-do-even-if-we-shouldn't spirit of Vatican II, the Bear has written a brief hymn, a toe in the water, so to speak, that incorporates many themes of current hymns in use. The Bear figures, that way, maybe we can get by with one or two of the new and improved hymns instead of suffering through several Haugen-Hass aberrations.

It is also subtly ecumenical.

You'll have to imagine the music, but it goes something like the Jurassic Park theme.

God loves you, just the way you are,
You're just perfect, whether near or far,
No need to change you,
Or rearrange you
You are perfect, just the way you are.

We're all pilgrims, walking hand-in-hand,
Being Church, all across this land,
Bearing wine,
wine and bread,
no one behind, no one ahead.

Join us, on our journey
I don't write hymns, I'm just an attorney!
But come along,
No matter where you now belong,
Not that in anyway you're wrong.


  1. Did you write a line for bongos?

  2. One problem - it starts with God. It's OK to bring Him in later, but start with US!

  3. This is very believable!

    As far as saying "God" is concerned, hey, just think if Bear had dared to use male pronouns or worse, "Father."


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