Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bear's Parish Now Gay Friendly

The Bear is proud to announce that, as of today's homily, his parish is officially "gay and lesbian" friendly. You see, father said that "gay and lesbian" people were "welcome."

Funny things, words. Now "welcome" could mean -- as the Bear's mate took it -- that persons struggling with same-sex attraction, and trying to remain chaste are welcome to the field hospital with the rest of us sinners.

But when you single "gay and lesbian" people out for "welcome," the Bear hears something different. He hears in this "welcome" that men and women who identify themselves with serious vice are invited to come in with no expectation at all of changing. That's who they are, you see. The Bear is the one who must change, the culture, the Church, God Himself.

So is the Bear mean and unwelcoming?

Yes, when it comes to pulling the Church down around his furry ears. He is extremely unwelcoming of that.

In fact, he is so unwelcoming of homosexuality that any institution that welcomes it can do without a hundred bucks a week, starting with the envelope the Bear intercepted before it reached the basket today. It will be put to good use elsewhere.

What's next? We welcome adulterers? A special shout out to pedophiles? If people who prefer sex with members of their own sex wish to join the fight against sin everyone else in the Church is fighting, then no one will be more welcoming than the Bear.

But if they want to claim a special exemption from morality and undermine the bedrock sexual teachings of the Church as "gay Catholics," the Bear will not be a friend.

Nobody enjoys an unfriendly Bear.


  1. Oh, come on, Bear, this is the NEW Church, just "bear" with it!!

  2. Oh, Bear. Condolences.

    I perceive such "welcome" messages the way I believe they are, unfortunately, usually MEANT to be perceived these days: as code for "we don't hold with the Church's teaching that homosexual acts are disordered and sinful, so active and unrepentent gay people are welcome to receive the Sacraments here". If Father issues the "welcome" without immediately following it by stating and defending his refusal to give Holy Communion to active and unrepentant homosexuals - well, imo he has no business being a Catholic priest. I know several Protestant denominations that would be delighted to bring such a man onboard.

    I am so sorry for what is happening in your parish.


  3. Did you ask your priest to clarify? The priests in my parish usually stand outside the door after Mass so that we can speak with them. If my priest made a statement like that, I would ask him to explain exactly what was meant before assuming anything.

    1. I took it to mean exactly what it sounds like in the context of the times from a St. John's Collegeville alum in a university town. It was part of a list that included in the unemployed and divorced. He had just come back from a conference in St. Louis on "music ministry," where a speaker ha gone on about welcoming everyone.

      I'm not sure it would have been a good idea to ask after Mass (I was feeling rather Bearish). Plus the whole thing is a setup. What? Are you saying we shouldn't welcome gays and lesbians? Parishioners should not be out into the position of having to ask Father to clarify what he means be welcoming gays and lesbians, since everybody knows what the slyly deniable code means, just like Jane said.

      That said, I suppose I could tell Father that his statement gave the unfortunate impression that the parish did not intend to put into practice the teachings of the Church, but was caving to political correctness, and would he be clarifying?

      It was right out of Michael Voris' Vortex about St. Francis church in New York where ALL are welcome -- a gay parish.

    2. I understand. It's not always a good idea to ambush the priest in public. I'd be interested to know how he responds if you decide to ask for clarification. I think we need to make sure our priests understand that the faithful won't tolerate any twisting of Christ's words. For the sake of our souls and the souls of our SSA brethren, the priest needs to be unequivocally clear about the difference between welcoming people and condoning sin. Nip it in the bud, my friend. God bless.

  4. Will you now finally choose to quit going to McDonald's when there is a steakhouse (the traditional mass) available?

  5. Then do not be a friend. Move on. Find another parish, soon. People drive past a dozen or more parishes to come to mine (yes, we're a real parish, answering to a real Catholic bishop). It is worth it. There's a parish out there someplace that needs you and is waiting for you to show up (with that envelope).

  6. This nagging thought keeps coming to me after all the banter about 'welcoming' gay people, and about showing the utmost love and compassion. Haven't we as a Church already been doing that for the last 2000 and plus years? Officially anyway, hasn't the Church already been welcoming and compassionate to our 'irregular' brothers and sisters? We (or at least I) have been taught to welcome the sinner, as we are basically all in the same boat. Where have we been 'discriminatory'? By 'discriminating' and 'non welcoming' do they mean preaching the TRUTH (but always with love) about intrinsic disorder? It's the ONLY conclusion that I can come to. Someone needs to correct my analysis, if in fact I'm wrong on this conclusion. I mean, don't we also invite the adulterer, the murderer, the liar, the cheater, the abortionist and everyone else that sins into the Church? I believe we do, but we also proclaim the sin that needs to be looked at and repented for, or at least that's how it's supposed to go. A field hospital for 'sinners' that need to be HEALED. We don't discriminate against other sinners, but we do proclaim their sin (in general)and that there is healing and forgiveness. What makes the sin of 'active' homosexuality any different? Or are we not to correct the sin at all?

  7. In the Church now, an "adulterer" means a straight person who has committed the sin of adultery, so they are not welcomed qua "adulterers." A "gay" person means someone who likes to have sex with persons of their own sex. The difference is that the adulterer is welcomed sub silentio as a sinner, but the homosexual is welcomed out loud as "gay." The adulterer is expected to recognize his sin and repent, while the out-loud and proud welcome of gays is to make the rest of us recognize our sin of "homophobia" and repent. Homosexuals don't have to change a thing; they're just fabulous the way they are.


  8. I have publicly--but politely, after Mass, asked a priest what the heck after such a rainbow statement. Actually, once, in Boston, I simply urged the priest to follow the Pope (at that time, B16). The other time, I said, "Father, I don't think intolerance is the problem in this parish, more like confusion." He was pleasant and nodded. Sadly, he was removed for molestation charges soon after.

    Pray for priests!


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