Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bongos at St. Mary's

When one's children leave the nest, parents receive word of all sorts of alarming developments. My newly wed daughter's hair has unaccountably become blue, a trait the Bear hopes does not show up in either his mate or himself.

But if they are practicing Catholics there comes the Search for the Church. St. Mary's has bongos; St. Bonaventure was a misadventure.

Well, Sunshine, cry me a freakin' river.

Pull up your big boy pants and consider this: Jesus isn't too good to come down from Heaven into every church where Mass is said and -- bad music or not -- into your disgustingly imperfect soul.

This is where the Bear is decidedly non-traditionalist. Get out a map and a ruler and find the closest church as the crow -- to use some fine Benedictine imagery -- flies. That's where you go and learn to pray in and put up with a less than perfect world. Jesus will appreciate your humility more than your fine sensibilities, I promise.

It is a fool proof method and avoids the trap of not going to Mass at all because you cannot find one that suits you.

Besides. Are you 100% certain Jesus doesn't like bongo drums?


  1. My parish uses a tambourine, but not at the 7:00 Mass, which has no music at all. I have heard that called the music lovers' Mass.

  2. "Thank you, that I am not a singer like that man. " is that the way that goes?

    A tambourine? That sounds like the Salvation Army. "Put a nickle on the drum / Save another drunken bum."

  3. There is pride involved, sadly. I sang in the choir until the tambourine was added, and found that I was so annoyed by it that I had trouble focusing on the Mass. I prayed about it through Lent, and decided at Easter that I should flee that particular occasion of sin.

  4. The Bear remains sullenly silent or noticeably exuberant, depending on his mood. The H&H show-tunes are the worst. You should have stayed and demanded go be put in charge of the tambourine! You could have beat that baby like a rented mule, Elizabeth. I bet inside a month they would have quietly retired the tambourine LOL


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