Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Catholicball and the New Hard-Identity Catholicism

While older Catholics are stuck in our rut of Traditionalist vs Vatican II-nistas, something new is happening. Across social media like Facebook, younger Catholics are flexing a hard Catholic identity, even militancy. Here is a picture from the Facebook group Catholicball:

Nothing apologetic here. They are passionately pro-life, unafraid, and embrace Catholic history. On a local level, these young Catholics are actually doing the new evangelization that the hierarchy only talks about. One young man is putting together a "Catechetical BBQ" for fallen away Catholics.

Now that's what the Bear calls initiative.

How many people are in this diffuse movement? Impossible to say. Catholicball, based in Argentina, has 5792 likes. RevolutionCatholic has 3025 likes. These are just two groups. But these numbers, though small, represent a genuine and encouraging reaction to the ills of the modern world and the paralysis of the Church.

Passion and courage are tremendous force multipliers. They may not represent the future, but they will be a part of it, and it would probably be wise not to get in their way.

The Bear approves.


  1. I don't get the cartoon. If the green thingy that looks like a lime with a yellow crescent moon on it is in St. Peter's corner, who is the yellow guy with the attitude and the papal-looking headgear?

    Clueless not in Argentina

    1. The green one is a muslim and the yellow is catholic.

  2. Indeed, Risca is correct. They tend to embrace things like the Crusades and Inquisition in a sort of in-your-face cockiness that is deliberately non-PC. Most Catholics are easily cowed by someone using powerful ju-ju like "Crusades." These folks don't bat an eye and are likely to launch into a well-argued apologetic citing historical circumstance, then segue into a polemic.

    The whole "ball" thing is sort of a style that -- no offense to the fine folks at CatholicBall -- does not require advanced artistic skills. There is also PolandBall, which is similar in style, but the Bear does not know the relationship, if any.

    And hi, Jane!

  3. Thank you, Risca, and hi, Bear! I thought the green and the crescent suggested Islam (and the rumor that the ISIS crazies were headed for Rome), but what threw me was that St. Peter was smiling...he looked happy but I guess it was because he knew the Catholics had his back :-) It would have been much easier for a dummy like me to figure it out had the yellow guy been next to St. Peter, warning the Muslims to keep away.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It's great to discover that there is a movement of spiritually muscular young Catholics, educated in their Faith and knowledgeable about history, who have decided it's time to stop behaving as though we should be ashamed of both.

    1. No, he's angry (furrowed brow) -- it's hard to know if he's frowning or smiling when his mouth is crossed keys. The Moslem ball is going to touch the statue of St. Peter, and CatholicBall is warning him not to, in the typically fractured English of the style. There seems to be a CardinalBall (?) or InquisitorBall (?) with something burning hiding in the background.

    2. Its the Inquisitionball, he's a frequent Character in the comics.

  4. Lest the impression be left that it is a cartoon site, the meat of it is in the discussion.

    The Catholic Gentleman is another Facebook page that caters to young men. It is not traditionalist as you would normally understand the term, i.e. Latin Mass as the panacea for everything that ails the Church, but broader. Again, the phrase "hard identity" comes to mind. It is great to see young men who will answer "Catholic" if anyone were to ask them "What are you?"

    Of course, identity will only get you so far. I hope these young men have some solid mentors to initiate them into a proper devotional life.


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