Thursday, July 10, 2014

Do You Have to Ask?

Update: Here is a collection of the best. Like:

Germany vs. Argentina in the World Cup.

Do you have to ask which St. Corbininian's Bear favors?

For the first time the Bear feels a rooting interest in The World's Most Boring Sport.

Sure, the Bear understands that soccer requires only the modest investment of a ball and four feet. Okay, that would apply to my dog Buster's far more entertaining exertions, but you get the Bear's drift. Soccer is the sport of the descamisados. If you are easily amused and untroubled by the fact that the fan death toll generally exceeds the winning score, then soccer might be your game.

But for once, the Bear will be interested.

Besides, how many times do you get to root for the Germans?


  1. I do want to point out that in this case you are at odds with both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict.

    Though I was surprised by how quietly (comparatively) Brazil took their loss.

  2. What if each were sure their respective countries would win? The Bear senses a theological crisis. Do you think they have any money on the game, or a gag bet, say a case of fine Korbinian Dopplebock from Pope Benedict's former see, against... what? A thick steak? What is Argentina known for, other than Perons, tangos and Germans?

  3. Take a look here for a few jokes about it.

    1. Good find. People are having a lot of good clean fun with it.

    2. The set you found is even better! I wish they were making those bets - that would be a win/win situation.

  4. I don't pretend to understand soccer; have never actually watched a game from start to finish although the bits and pieces I have seen were of a seemingly fast-moving game (highlights, separated by long boring stretches?). I was, however, intensely grateful that my sons weren't interested, sparing me the loss of endless hours to the soccer-related activities that seem to engulf the lives of so many parents.

    I just think that any game that requires the players to hit a ball with their head is NUTS. So, to me it doesn't matter which country's team trounces which other country's; they all ought to literally have their heads examined, and be put to bed without any supper.

    My English husband is affronted when Americans ridicule soccer (apparently known as football where he's from); he in turn feels justified in ridiculing our football with its copiously-padded players, and our baseball which he considers a strong contender for Most Boring Sport. (Of course, it's a badly-kept secret that British men of a certain age have a baffling, Plymouth Rock-sized chip on their shoulder when it comes to pretty much everything American and would rather die -- DIE, I tell you -- than say anything nice about the U.S. beyond allowing that it has some passably nice scenery here and there :-D )

    1. Our children were not involved in sports. We kept them in Scouting, and music instead. So I never learned about soccer. I always remember the Simpsons where the American announcer is monotonously saying "the center holds it... holds it... holds it..." while the Spanish speaking announcer is ecstatic.

      When we lived in Sicily they actually had an American football league. The home team was the Catania Elephants.

      Baseball is a game of talented men doing their jobs, day in and day out. Everybody steps into the limelight, and there is tension and resolution. Sure, most plays are routine, but there is a wealth of strategy behind the choices. American football consists of incredibly brief spasms of frenetic mob action and a lot of standing around. We usually watch the Superbowl, but that's it.

      On a serious note, sports can be a major distraction to the more important things of life. The Pope's intention for July is "That sports may always be occasions of human fraternity and growth." Amen.

  5. It did not occur to me to ask. I had to think of what the issue was. I had to read the Francis v Benedict comment to get it!

    I have avoided following most of the World Cup. WHen we were on our h-moon in Europe SOME YEARS AGO, the WC was in progress. It was kinda fun there.


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