Saturday, July 26, 2014

Evangelicals to Catholic Church: Drop Dead!

Rorate Caeli has news of a refreshingly clear rejection of ecumenism from the other side: Italian Evangelicals. So the Bear has this to say to the Pope:

Dear Pope Francis:

Despite what your Facetime chums like "Brother Bishop" Tony Palmer might lead you to believe, Evangelical Protestants just aren't that into you. I humbly suggest that we go about being the best Catholics we can be, which includes telling Evangelicals that they risk Hell if they die outside of the Catholic faith. You may not have noticed, but your own Church has big problems that we don't hear you talking about (a powerful homosexual lobby, shabby liturgy unworthy of Christ, dwindling numbers of faithful and a plummeting priest population). I humbly suggest that these matters are more urgent than another ecumenical fandango for the cameras.

Your friend,
The Bear

Pope high fives Texas televangelist James Robinson
after ordaining him a bishop.

More on these goings on here, (link from Fr. Z).

On June 24, another meeting. This time with Texas televangelists James Robinson and Kenneth Copeland, with Bishop Anthony Palmer of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, with John and Carol Arnott of Toronto, and with other prominent leaders. There were also Geoff Tunnicliffe and Brian C. Stiller, respectively the secretary general and "ambassador" of the World Evangelical Alliance. The meeting lasted for three hours and continued through lunch, in the refectory of Santa Marta, where the pope, amid loud laughter, gave Pastor Robinson a high five (see photo).

(The caption is a joke, by the way, but still...)

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