Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Every Priest Gets One Bite

In his extremely finite wisdom, the Bear has decided upon a course of action in relation to the priest advancing a "welcome" to "gay and lesbian" people.

Everybody can say something stupid off the top of their heads. Father had just come from a conference (he travels a lot) and obviously took away the theme of "welcome." (He always bases his homilies on his doings of the previous week, not the gospel.) While alarming in the context of the times, his "welcome" could be interpreted as something innocent from someone a bit out-of-touch.

It is important to the Bear's mission to remain, to coin a phrase, on the "down low." No sense in blowing his cover as an average, middle-of-the-road pewsitter who doesn't understand much, and cares even less.

It is a legal principle well-known to watchers of "Lassie" that every dog gets one bite. The sound reasoning behind this is that an owner cannot be held accountable for his dog's tendency to bite that he didn't know about. (Buster is into double-digits now, but please don't tell the dog police; he's only little.)

For these reasons, the Bear has decided to take no action this time. Hopefully this was one of those dumb things that sounded "positive" and "friendly" at the time, and there is nothing substantial behind it.

The contents of the collection envelope will nonetheless go to the homeless shelter this week.

The Bear has chosen the grey martyrdom the of the Novus Ordo. He can't really expect homilies that actually relate to the Gospel, or that swim against the current of homophilia, can he?" He knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

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  1. "He always bases his homilies on his doings of the previous week, not the gospel."

    That's a lot of bites right there. A priest who thinks the liturgy is All About Him doesn't know what he is.


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