Thursday, July 17, 2014

Homosexual Kiss on Vatican Website: Mustn't Try to Cure Homosexuals

From the German Vatican Radio Site. (Sorry the Bear's German is several hundred years rusty, and never included the vocabulary for this kind of nonsense anyway, so this a somewhat Yoda-like Google translation is. Yes, lame it is, but important; read at your own risk.) Note the sweet picture. 

This is your Church. 

St. Corbinian, pray for us. Pray for the German people.

Bear's comment. No doubt homosexuality is as difficult to treat as any other sexual perversion. To say that it should never be attempted is to cave to the gay lobby. What alternative does the Church offer, then? Oh well, we guess since we can't cure it, we ought to just accept it? Find the German here. Google translation follows, picture in the original Vatican Radio story.

This: on the Vatican Radio Website.
Homosexuality must not be "cured"

Bishop of Trier, Stephan Ackermann sees offers to "cure" homosexuality critical. For such initiatives, there is no official church backing, Ackermann said on Wednesday evening in Saarbrücken. Recently had among other things the newspaper "Die Zeit" about physicians reported that advertise in order to change the sexual orientation, and apply it strictly in some Christian circles as a "tip". Ackermann expressed at the Lesbian and Gay Association (LSVD) Saar organized public discussion, attended by around 100 people took part. The two-hour meeting was the first of its kind in Germany On a smaller circle had similar discussions with representatives of gays and lesbians, for example, in the diocese of Essen and Germany ahead of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. 2011 occurred in the Archdiocese of Berlin. Contested control in ecclesiastical labor The meeting in Saarbrücken were questions about the church's handling of sexuality and the church labor. One topic was the so-called loyalty obligations. Thus, employees in the ecclesiastical ministry, who live in a gay marriage and wish to register the partnership law, expect a dismissal must. The LSVD Saar called Ackermann in a "Saarbrücken appeal" to publicly state that "in his diocese employees of the Catholic Church because of entering into a registered partnership no longer have to worry about a termination of their employment." This should apply at least to "not proclaiming professions," such as for doctors and nurses in Catholic hospitals. Ackermann wooed understand that the loyalty obligations for the church profile of an institution are important. At the same time he acknowledged in some areas a "voltage" a, "which is not good." Currently, the bishops were in-depth discussions on how the loyalty duties were to design the future. The conversation in Saarbrücken rated Bishop of Trier as "honest". He wanted to be "listening watch" and to contribute to mutual understanding on controversial issues. The organizers stressed that it would go about them, to build bridges and to engage in conversation with each other. In what way, the dialogue will continue, is still open.

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