Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gary Indiana Exorcism

How did the Bear miss this? Living in Zoar with no access to television or motivation to read the news, he supposes. Apparently a spectacular case of demonic possession occurred in Gary, Indiana. Very strange goings on such as levitation and walking up a wall to the ceiling -- backwards -- were witnessed by police, medical personnel, and documented by Department of Children and Family Services. Sources hardly predisposed to supernatural explanations.

The article observes that Christians are free to believe credible evidence, but atheists must simply deny it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will make an atheist believe, except cooperating with the grace God gives them. They can always dismiss all the witnesses as "liars," or wave their hands and say "mass hysteria." They have been similarly dismissing the resurrection of Christ, or even his existence. (Not to imply a contemporary account of possession is on a par with the gospels.)

Once you believe, the universe is a much bigger, richer place, with more explanations. Atheists are crabbed and miserable souls, whether they will admit it or not. While they seem to be advancing culturally, they are in full retreat intellectually, huddling in ridiculous and unscientific constructs like "the multiverse," pitifully seizing on each new "Earth-like planet," until it turns out not to exist at all.

Christians, on the other hand, exist in a purposeful, if damaged, world of the seen and unseen. This world includes beings that would do us harm, as well as those who would help us.

What happened in Gary, Indiana? The atheist cannot make any real investigation. He has already made up his mind. The Christian is free to accept the evidence and make of it what he will. He doesn't have to believe.

But he can.

Pretty much sums things up.

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