Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Infallibility, Baby"

"Infallibility, Baby."
"The Synod will not reaffirm doctrines, it will find solutions." Archbishop Paglia to Vatican Insider.

The Bear woke up this morning, slammed his fist onto the nightstand and said, "You know, what the Church needs is solutions, d----it. Enough of this shillyshallying with must dos, and mustn't dos. Pfft. Ancient history. There are problems to be solved, and Pope Francis is just the man for the job!"

Actually, the Bear woke up this morning with his customary "grrrrobblycoffeegrum," which is the signal for his keeper to begin administering large doses of caffeine.

When fully conscious (around 6:30 p.m.) he found the link to the above story in St. Louis Catholic.

The Bear is doing well to remember his children's name, so he does not pretend to know the movers and shakers of the Vatican. As far as the Bear can tell, though, this Synod is shaping up as Jenga Council III, the loser being the last prelate to destroy the Church. He will have to buy all the other participants a drink and wear a rueful smile, while enduring much playful backslapping. "Ha, you did more damage than Annibale Bugnini, old chum! And, "Guess we'll have to take all that business about divorce out of all the Catholic Bibles," followed by: "They talk about divorce in the Bible?" BWA! HA! HA!

The Bear is married, and while he doesn't know for a fact that people don't get divorced and remarried after fifty years, he's not too worried. It will make the people happy, and garner some good press so they'll stop talking about omosexual-hay  ape-ray of adolescent boys by our darling clerics.

Or maybe our own Cardinal Ottaviani will rise up to intervene, and we won't be out-numbered this time.

Of course, one never knows what to make out of pre-game chatter. If they were going to change the rules on divorce and remarriage, we might have expectations shaped ahead of time. It will be interesting to see the pushback from this toxic little article.

If they do change the doctrine on divorce, the Bear has two words for you: "infallibility" and "baby."

Update: On second thought it doesn't take infallibility to give a "pastoral" tweak here and there. The Bear issues a challenge. Take one drink every time you hear the word "pastoral" this October. The last one to die of liver failure wins.


  1. Could be a more limited, but no less destructive event. Guess it depends on how serious you take the express teachings of Our Lord.


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