Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael Voris: The Joy of the Fight

Is there anything about
jawbone ripping?

Michael Voris, perhaps best known for his polemics, has a very inspirational message in today's Vortex that the Bear highly recommends. It is particularly welcome at a time when many have reached a discouraging tipping point with the Pope's odd behavior and statements. 

The Church may be a field hospital, but that is just a temporary place to recover from wounds inflicted in the real mission of the Church: an army! The Church Militant. We are indeed the fighting Church, our salvation a prize to be won, and souls to be rescued from the clutches of Satan. There is joy in the fight. So come on, Catholics. Stop malingering in the field hospital and throw yourself back into the fight with holy glee. Angels are fighting on your side! 

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