Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Writing Blog

UPDATE: Housekeeping is complete. The new blog is live, with Chapter Three posted in celebration. The chapters are gone from this blog, although there is a link to the new blog on the right with the other links. The Bear will probably mention any major developments (NY Times Bestseller List, etc.) but will otherwise keep the Bear you know here and the guy who writes stuff other than blog articles there. Fair enough?

In an effort to keep my commercial writing interest separate from my original blog, I have decided to start another blog, at That way no one gets bored by my writing, unless they choose to be. Perhaps I should rephrase that...

Still less would I wish anyone to feel that I was exploiting the fame of St. Corbinian's Bear for filthy lucre.

Of course all my friends are welcome to drop by and see how the grand publishing adventure is going. I have decided to go both print and Kindle. Oh, the book signings and author readings I am imagining --

"Sir, you can't read that here."


"We didn't know it was that kind of book. I'm afraid you'll have to go. Now."

Oh dear. Now I'm imagining sitting at a card table in the parking lot of Barnes and Noble, with a stack of books ready to be--

"Sir, you can't do that here. I'm afraid you'll have to go. Now."

Fine. I'm throwing the stupid things at passing automobiles in Brooklyn, Illinois screaming, "Free book!" You can get away with anything in Brooklyn.

Hope to see one or two of you there. At my new blog, not Brooklyn. We will now resume our regular programming.

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