Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One More Time -- It's NOT PEDOPHILIA

So, maybe Pope Francis said two percent of the clergy were pedophiles. That's one in fifty. While the incidence in the public at large is not known, it is believed that less than five percent of persons are sexually attracted to young children. So two percent would not be crazy -- except for the fact we are talking about Catholic priests.

More to the point, THE CHURCH TRAGEDY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PEDOPHILIA. The Bear has explained before how the Jay report -- the gold standard research into the problem -- clearly points to a homosexual problem, not a pedophilia problem. 

I know this stuff, professionally. Pedophiles like very young children, of either sex. When you have men overwhelmingly targeting adolescent males, this is not pedophilia. It is classic predatory homosexuality. 

Now, one might say that this is a distinction lost on most people, and, given the fact that not one news outlet has correctly identified the cause of the problem, the Bear might be inclined to agree. But the Pope should be up to speed on this topic. He should appreciate the distinction because the whole mess turns on the difference between a pedophile and a predatory homosexual.

Why would the Church rather be known as the church of child molesters than the Church that has a serious problem with homosexual clergy run amok? The answer may be that the gay lobby is so powerful within the Church that the truth is simply off the table. 

Even for the Pope.

The Bear swears that if you quash the gay lobby and get rid of homosexual priests and those who protect them, you will have accomplished the single biggest step in making sure this never happens again.

But that's not going to happen, because it's been shoved into the back of the biggest closet in the world: the Vatican.

The Bear does not expect the house-cleaning to take place in public. But when we're still pretending this is pedophilia after all these years... the Bear gets very angry. Some day he hopes to have grandchildren. He does not expect to feel the Church will be a safe place for them without his constant supervision. Ever.


  1. So true. The militant gay propaganda campaign has been so successful that anyone pointing out the nature of the vast majority of sex abuse cases in the Church, is instantly accused of being hateful, bigoted, on and on. It's an unambiguous case of "Don't confuse us with the facts. Full stop."

  2. Which - as you point out - is a kind of nonsense that should not be allowed to prevail at the Vatican...and it looks distressingly as though we can now be afraid, very afraid.


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